Premium Omega-3 85% in the group Products at Norwegian Pure-3 AS (001)

Premium Omega-3 85%

369 NOK
-120 (1g) capsules

-85% omega-3

-75% EPA/DHA
-Pharmaceutical grade
-Molecularly distilled
-Triglycerid form
-Friend of the Sea certified
-Kosher/Halal certified gelatin
-Always made in Norway
-No artificial coatings or flavours
-Only ultra-pure omega-3 with natural vitamin E.
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*EPA/DHA content are minimum values and can vary by a small amount from batch to batch, but the combined content of EPA/DHA will always exceed 75%.

Purified Friend of the Sea certified fish oil from wild caught fish, Halal/Kosher certified gelatin (bovine), Antioxidant (Vitamin E - mixed tocopherols).

Norwegian PURE-3® Premium Omega 85% is the purest omega-3 supplement in the world and has a concentration of 85% omega-3 and 75% EPA/DHA.

Premium Omega 85% is a balanced multi-purpose omega-3 supplement, developed to provide a broad spectrum of positive health benefits.

Clinical trials with similar omega-3 concentration and purity have confirmed this.

Suggested dose is 2 to 4 capsules per day.

2 capsules provides 1,7 gram of omega-3 and 1,5 gram of EPA/DHA.
4 capsules provides 3,4 gram of omega-3 and 3 gram of EPA/DHA.

See also FAQ and Science for more information.

All Norwegian PURE-3® products are always made in Norway to pharmaceutical standards and we only use Friend of the Sea certified fish oil from wild caught fish with full traceability in our products.