About us

Norwegian PURE-3 was founded with the goal of providing the purest, highest quality, most effective omega-3 products in the world.

We, like many others, know the amazing health benefits regular intake of omega-3 can provide, but we could not find an omega-3 brand that had all the attributes that we wanted:

Consistent and guaranteed exceptional quality, purity, freshness and concentration, produced to true pharmaceutical standards with no exceptions and to a fair price.

We wanted products that would provide optimal health benefits and that could always be trusted by everyone, from friends and family to doctors, scientists, professional athletes and everyone in between.

There are an enormous amount of omega-3 products on the market, but we just couldn't find a brand that we could trust and the more we found out, the more sceptical we got.

But new developments in omega-3 production has now made it possible to consistently make ultra-pure omega-3 supplements to exceptional pharmaceutical quality standards.

And this is why we exist and this is our goal and mission:

To provide customers worldwide with the purest, highest quality, most effective pharmaceutical grade omega-3 products available.

Our difference and guarantee:

Norwegian PURE-3® are always made in Norway to the strictest quality standards in the world.

We will only sell highly concentrated, ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade omega-3, scientifically proven to provide the best possible health effects.

Norwegian PURE-3® products will always be fresh and always be made from superior quality fish oil from sustainably sourced wild caught fish.

Our products and our approach to omega-3 and health will always be science and evidence based.

Every Norwegian PURE-3® product will always confirm to these standards.

Contact us:

Norwegian Pure-3 AS
Henrik Ibsens gate 90
Box 2380 Solli
0201 Oslo